The APC Microbiome Ireland SFI Research Centre, founded as the Alimentary Pharmabotic Centre in 2003, is about people working together across the boundaries of traditional research sectors. The APC has created a lively trans-disciplinary environment with clinicians, clinician-scientists and basic scientists from diverse backgrounds working in teams, sharing ideas and resources. Although focused upon the magic and mysteries of the gastrointestinal bacterial community, (the microbiota), the scale and scope of the work has become one of the fastest moving areas of biology, of relevance to all branches of human medicine and veterinary science, and is of growing importance to the economic welfare of society.

The microbiota is not only a target for treatment and prevention of disease, it is a repository for functional food ingredients and even new drugs and is a source of novel biomarkers of disease risk. APC researchers welcome collaborators from industry, large and small enterprises, indigenous and multi-national, and have extensive experience with the food, agriculture, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostic sectors. The scientific organisation of the APC consists of a matrix of vertical pillars or themes of intellectual pursuit which are supported by multiple horizontal or shared technology platforms. This ensures freshness of ideas and support for intellectual curiosity while serving as a magnet to attract and drive industry-focussed research.


The APC is a national institute and resource which continues to serve as an agent of change –creating an environment conducive to innovation and challenging obstacles and outdated concepts in education. It is outward looking with an international reputation as a leading global microbiome institute, with a broad range of academic and commercial partnerships. APC Microbiome Ireland builds on many success stories of its earlier years a looks to the future with energy, enthusiasm and confidence.


Interview with Paul Ross, Director