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Amanda Forde
– Project Manager Spokes 1 & 5

Amanda_FordeAmanda Forde has a BSc and PhD in Microbiology. Following her time as a lab-based post-doctoral researcher, she held a scientific administration post at Relay, the former dissemination service for publicly-funded food research in Ireland. She then worked as Centre Manager at Food for Health Ireland, a public-private partnership between the Irish dairy industry and the Irish research community, to help harness the health benefits of milk. Amanda also worked as a Senior Research Administrator at the National Optometry Centre, where she was part of the Mozambique Eyecare Project that focused on optometric education and service delivery in developing countries. In April 2015, she joined the Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre as a Project Manager for Research Spokes 1 (Microbes to Molecules) and 5 (Gut Phageomics).