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APC features  in   “10  Things to Know About”


APC’s John Cryan, Ted Dinan and Catherine Stanton all feature in tonight’s “Guts” episode of the TV series “10 Things to Know About” on RTE 1  tonight at 8.30pm

A healthy gut is essential for our  mental as well as our physical health.  John Cryan and Ted Dinan talk with Kathriona Devereux about their research on the links between the brain and the gut, how stress affects our cognitive function and how psychobiotics might be used to treat a range of disorders.  Kathriona  bravely takes part in a series of stress tests.

Breast is best, but Ireland is one of the world leaders in the technology behind improving infant formula.  Jonathan McCrea interviews Catherine Stanton about her research on the evolving gut microbiota of infants over the first two years of life which has provided new opportunities for optimisation of infant milk formula.

Aoibhinn Ní Shúilleabháin learns all about the digestive system from Teagasc’s Andre Brodkorb and talks to former PhD student Sinead Blieil about her spin-out company, Anabio, which is developing encapsulation technologies for infant formula producers. And Fergus McAuliffe talks about the sea cucumber which literally spills out its guts in a last gap fight for survival!

The programme is available to watch online on RTE player until 14 December.

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