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Application Documents-

Please click:  APEX-APPLICATION-FORMS-PARTS-A-B-C-D-2018 Call 1


A complete application consists of:

  • Part A : Administrative information on the applicant, project, academic supervisor and host institution. Applicants must indicate: a project thematic area, up to 5 keywords, and provide a 2000 character proposal summary. Evidence of eligibility to the APEX programme (details on qualifications, evidence of compliance with the programme’s mobility requirements and references).Ethics issues table.
  • Part B:  Project proposal (max. 10 pages).
  • Part C: Applicant’s CV (max. 5 pages),
  • Part D:  Applicants, who in “Part A – Administrative Information” indicate that ethical issues are associated with their research, are required to complete and submit the “ Ethics Self-Assessment” document : Use Ethics issues checklist H2020 ethics-self-assessment
  • Other documents required: Letters of commitment from the academic supervisors.
  • Proposals must respect the following minimum standards: · a minimum font size of 11 points, except for the Gantt chart and tables where the minimum font size is 8 points · single line spacing · A4 page size · margins (top, bottom, left, right) of at least 15 mm (not including any footers or headers) · a clearly readable font (e.g. Arial or Times New Roman). Literature references should be placed as footnotes at the bottom of the page in which they are mentioned, in font 8 or 9. They also count toward the page limit.