Secondary School

The aim of APC’s Budding Biologists Programme for secondary schools is to promote an understanding and appreciation of science in young people and to highlight career opportunities in science. The programme provides students with the opportunity to conduct ‘hands-on’ experiments in university laboratories.

APC scientists also travel to schools to give talks related to the curriculum and to give STEM careers talks as part of the Smart Futures  initiative which encourages students to study science at third level, illustrates scientific career opportunities and enhances their scientific awareness.


Budding Biologists activities for students and teachers include:

  • Laboratory workshops at UCC’s Microbiology Department in areas such as microbiology, genetics and immunology. Booking essential.
  • School visits by APC scientists giving presentations related to the secondary school Biology curriculum including (The Digestive system, The Immune system, Genetically Modified Organisms(GMOs) and Gut Health and Nutrition (SPHE))
  • Budding Biologists Transition Year Experience Programme: The Programme took place in March (19-22nd) and April (8-11th) 2019.  Applications to the 2020 Budding Biologist Programme will open in September 2019.  Check back here for the application form.   Sample Budding Biologist timetable
  • STEM Career talks in schools as part of the Smart Futures STEM Careers programme– see
  • APC facilitates workshops for  secondary school TEACHER CPD developed as part of the new Junior Certificate STEAM  curriculum.

For all schools’ activities please contact Dr Aimee Stapleton; Tel 021 4901313

Information leaflets 

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Exercise and Microbiome 

Fermented Foods 

Food Fibre and Microbiome 





Stress & the Microbiome