Eileen O’Herlihy

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Eileen O’Herlihy – Site Manager, 4D Pharma Cork Ltd

Eileen has a BSc. in Plant Science (1995) and a PhD in Plant Biotechnology (2002) from University College Cork (UCC). She has worked as a post-doctoral researcher and project manager on a range of projects both at national and EU level spanning plant and human health. Her research interests include the improvement of health and disease suppression through various strategies including microbial manipulation and nutrition. In 2013, Eileen was Project manager of ELDERMET (http://eldermet.ucc.ie/), a nationally funded project that established diet-microbiota health interactions in over 500 elderly persons. Following this post she went on to manager the Centre for Gerontology & Rehabilitation, UCC where she was involved in initiatives focused on the elderly which also fed into the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (http://ec.europa.eu/research/innovation-union/index_en.cfm?section=active-healthy-ageing).  She joined the APC Microbiome Institute (https://apc.ucc.ie/) in 2014 as EU Grants Manager where she engaged with stakeholders, building collaborations, inputting into draft work programmes and policy documents, and identifying opportunities for microbiome research at national, EU and international level. In 2016, Eileen co-ordinated an APC hosted workshop in Brussels on ‘Microbiome-based Foods for Health and Sustainability’ https://apc.ucc.ie/microbiome-research-a-key-to-improving-health-driving-food-production-and-boosting-eu-innovation-2/. She has over a decade of experience of working with companies in the capacity of research project manager and as a consultant. Eileen is also very active in communicating science and creating an awareness through education and public engagement. She is a member of APC faculty and is Site Manager of 4D Pharma Cork, Limited which is an APC spin-out company.

E-mail: eoh@4dpharmaplc.com