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Eimear Ferguson

Eimear has a BSc in Physiology from University College Cork and is currently completing an MPH (Masters in Public Health). Since graduating in 2008, she has worked in outreach and education in the scientific, clinical and industrial settings. She has extensive experience in presenting to the public, both young and old, and enjoys continuing her own personal development through CPD training courses.

Upon graduation Eimear worked as a researcher in the Department of Physiology, helping to complete projects which modeled renal hypertension. Following this, she worked in a number of quality control and production roles in industry.  She subsequently worked in the College of Science, Engineering and Food science in UCC, mentoring and coordinating primary and secondary school students attending the Eureka Centre (inquiry-based education in Science and Maths). Eimear has also worked with the Pancreatic and Hepatobiliary team of the Mercy University Hospital creating and maintaining clinical databases and worked with research teams in developing and designing clinical trials. Prior to taking up her position at the APC, Eimear worked as a research assistant in the Oral Health Research Services Centre at Cork University Hospital examining trends in the population’s dental health.  

Email: e.ferguson@ucc.ie