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APC Forum: Inflammation, Stress and Neuroimmune Interactions

15.00-15.30: “Knock on effect of environmental factors on host immune responses and intestinal inflammation”
Silvia Melgar, APC – Host-Microbe and Inflammation

15.30-16.00: “Mast cells and the brain-gut axis”
Niall Hyland, Pharmacology & Therapeutics and APC –Brain-Gut-Microbe Axis

16.00-17.00: “Comparing neuroimmune interactions during localised and systemic inflammatory diseases”
Alan Lomax, Gastrointestinal Disease Research Unit, Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada

17.00-17.20: Q&A/General discussion

Aras na Laoi G30

Date/Time Date(s) - Jun 30 2015 3:00 pm - 5:15 pm

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Áras na Laoi G30