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Food for Thought at The Cornstore

Pictured (left to right) Patrick O’Shea, President, UCC, Susan Joyce, APC Microbiome Ireland, Fergal Dennehy, Deputy Lord Mayor, John Cryan, APC Microbiome Ireland, Sally Cudmore, APC Microbiome Ireland,  John O’Grady, APC Microbiome Ireland and Paul Ross, Dead of College of SEFS, UCC and APC Microbiome Ireland.

APC Microbiome Ireland hosted a “Food for Thought; Eating for Digestive Health” event at The Cornstore restaurant in Cork.

The event sold out within a couple of days of posting on social media. Speakers on the night were Prof John Cryan “Gut Thinking – how microbes manipulate your brain”, Dr Susan Joyce “Healthy Weight – how your gut bacteria regulate cholesterol and control weight” and Dr John O’Grady “Role of Fibre – learn about the role of fibre in your bowel”.  A delicous 5 course menu was served on the evening which was packed with all sorts of healthy macro- and micronutrients.  The 105 attendees had some great questions for the speakers during the Q&A session afterwards.


Pictured: Owner, and chef, Mike Ryan inspects the spiced monkfish and salmon ravioli on crushed garden pea & clove, coconut and lemon grass volute (my favourite on the evening).