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Milk is more than a drink
– Cremo highlights APC Collaboration

by Dr. Bernard L. Roy, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Cremo SA, Switzerland


The APC Microbiome Institute and Cremo have been working together on collaborative projects since 2012 with the common vision of the maintenance of healthy, active lifestyles with functional foods.

From its inception in 1927, Cremo has always rallied traditions and quality to meet the challenge of new technologies. Cremo, with 800 employees in five main sites, is a major dairy processor in the Swiss landscape and processes around 500 million kg of milk per year. While not forgetting its roots, Cremo is also an important partner in a series of international commercial alliances with the biotech and research communities. The research model for Cremo is a dynamic one which identifies important needs and contacts the world’s top players to initiate collaborations of a level that will satisfy all our stakeholders. No wonder that we contacted the world class scientists at the APC Microbiome Institute!

The combined experience and expertise of our groups opens the way to many collaborative efforts. Metabolic diseases are reaching pandemic proportions and one joint Cremo – APC project studying gut microbiota interactions is tackling this problem. Dairy proteins and derivatives have shown a wide variety of health-promoting activity, in areas as varied as apoptosis and immunology. Dairy products, being ubiquitous foodstuffs, provide an excellent matrix for distributing healthy ingredients to the body. Probiotics and dairy are natural partners, and, therefore, Cremo and the APC have examined several interesting aspects which have been translated into novel research projects.

This collaboration with the APC Microbiome Institute will strengthen Cremo’s position within our core dairy business and permit us to expand into new areas of the functional food arena. As a company we want to add value to our traditional pipeline and build a portfolio of new products that will contribute to the wellbeing of all age groups.

Photo (left to right): Thomas Zwald, Cremo Legal Advisor, Paul-Albert Nobs,  CEO of Cremo, Bernard Roy , CSO of Cremo, Dr Christina Torres, APC Microbiome Institute, Dr Susan Rafferty-McArdle, APC Microbiome Institute, UCC, Professor Catherine Stanton, APC Microbiome Institute, Teagasc, Professor Ted Dinan, APC Microbiome Institute, UCC and Paul Niederhauser, Head of Corporate Development, Cremo SA.