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New App from APC

by Marc McCarthy, APC Research Support Officer

I am proud to announce that Mind Your Microbes (APC’s newest iPad App) has been released in the iTunes App Store. An SFI Discover 2016- funded project, this was initially envisaged as an exhibit solely for public events, but due to demand and popularity of the idea with the public it was decided to expand it to the iPad platform.

Mind Your Microbes allows you to explore the Gastrointestinal System and Microbiome to learn how age, diet and exercise can influence the diversity of human gut bacteria – some of the key research topics to the APC. The app is fully interactive and enables the user to select a character’s age, diet and activity types and follow engaging animations through the digestive process, to learn about the effects on the human microbiome.   In all there are over 35 combinations of lifestyles to choose from.  And you can witness the effects of probiotics, prebiotics and antibiotics on the gut microbiome.

Development of the App was a collaboration between the APC and Spinning Clock, with special thanks to Catherine Buckley, Orla O’Sullivan, Paul O’Toole, Colin Hill and Ian Jeffrey.
This app is optimized for iPad 4 or higher and is available to download for free from the App Store here.

The human gut microbiome is important to us all, so this app is about you!