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Bacteria can be used to heal aspirin-induced ulcers

Oct 4, 2019
Bifidobacteria promote healing   Aspirin is one of the oldest drugs, widely used for pain relief, suppression of inflammation and prevention of heart disease and stroke. However, well known to many patients is a troublesome side effect of intestinal damage and ulcers.  A remarkable first-of More

Russell Foster to give Public Lecture

Sep 30, 2019
World leading sleep expert to give public lecture at UCC Our biological clock schedules our sleep, mood, strength and blood pressure, and on 3rd October one of the world leaders in the area of circadian rhythms and sleep will deliver a public lecture at UCC. Prof. Foster, whose TED Talk “W More

Feed your Brain Well

Sep 16, 2019
ARTE Documentary features John Cryan APC Principal Investigator Prof. John Cryan features in a new documentary from ARTE which asks what should we eat to make sure our brain develops properly and stays healthy. Do carrots make you friendly and fish makes you intelligent?   Popular wisdom h More

Gut Feeling about Psychiatric Medications

Sep 2, 2019
 APC researcher awarded Global Grant for Gut Health APC Microbiome Ireland's Dr Niall Hyland  has been awarded a €100,000 Global Grant for Gut Health by Nature Research and Yakult to advance insight into how gut bacteria affect medications for depression and anxiety. One of two awardees, Ni More

Tick tock goes the microbiome clock

Aug 12, 2019
APC partners with the Glucksman for Circadian Rhythms Exhibition                                                  All life on earth operates to a daily 24-hour cycle – through rhythmic patterns of activity that are known as Circadian Rhythms. Our c More

Game of Microbes Winter is Coming!

Jun 27, 2019
Game of Microbes Winter is Coming! Scientists from APC Microbiome Ireland in UCC are calling for action against the global threat of antibiotic resistance on World Microbiome Day (June 27). Antibiotics have been the weapon of choice for treating bacterial infections for the last 80 years. Co More

New Director for APC Microbiome Ireland

Jun 26, 2019
Prof Paul Ross appointed as new Director of APC Microbiome Ireland APC Microbiome Ireland is delighted to announce the appointment of Professor Paul Ross as Director, following an extensive international search process by University College Cork. “Microbiome science is now transforming mos More

World Microbiome Day 2019

Jun 17, 2019
Celebrating all things Microbiome World Microbiome Day will take place on Thursday 27th June 2019.  The theme for 2019  is Bacterial Resistance to Antibiotics. PLEASE GET INVOLVED by organising an event and posting it on  On social media use #WorldMic More

RIA honours Catherine Stanton and Ivan Perry

May 27, 2019
Royal Irish Academy Admittance Day Professor Catherine Stanton and Ivan Perry were among 27 new Members of the Royal Irish Academy welcomed by Professor Kennedy, President of the Royal Irish Academy, at the 2019 admittance day ceremony. Welcoming these eminent scholars to the Academy Profess More

McMaster honours Fergus Shanahan

DSc Awarded to Fergus Shanahan  Fergus Shanahan was recognized by the Faculty of Health Sciences, McMaster University, Ontario, Canada,  where he was awarded a DSc at their Spring Convocation ceremony. Fergus was a McMaster research fellow from 1981 to 1983.  An inventive and prolific imm More