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Raise awareness to help Mind our Microbes


Do you know of individuals or organisations whose activities help to ‘Mind our Microbes’? As part of the inaugural World Microbiome Day  on June 27th 2018, we are calling on members of the public to nominate people, or groups, for a ‘Microbiome Hero’ award.

APC Microbiome Ireland has initiated the first ever World Microbiome Day to encourage public dialogue on the critical importance of microbes for human, animal and environmental health.     World Microbiome Day will showcase the vibrant and diverse worlds of microbiomes – the collections of microbes that live in  particular ecological niches e.g. human gut, forest floor, soil or a lake.  The theme chosen for this year’s World Microbiome Day is “Mind our Microbes”.

It is imperative for our planet and society that we protect our microbes, particularly the microbes in us and those in the environment that contribute to the health of our planet. So we would like to acknowledge and celebrate individuals, organisations (such as community groups) or a businesses whose activities improve our microbiomes and mind our microbes.  Please feel free to nominate people/groups who have carried out microbiome friendly activities e.g. a school planting a garden, a farmer who has introduced microbiome friendly agricultural practices, a community group organising a clean-up of their local park or beach, someone who makes fermented foods, or cooks healthy meals.

By nominating your Microbiome Hero you can help raise awareness and encourage public dialogue on the critical importance of these microbes. And in doing so you will be acknowledging an individual or organisation whose actions benefit and impact on all our lives.

Nominate your Microbiome Hero by emailing the name of the individual or group, your reasons for nominating (and if possible include a photo) to, or on twitter using the hashtag #worldmicrobiomeday before the deadline of 25 June 2018. We will highlight the great work of Microbiome Heros on the World Microbiome Day website, and they will be awarded a Microbiome Hero certificate.

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