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David Keohane, APC MD Fellow


David graduated from UCC School of Medicine in 2010. Subsequently, he gained a Masters (MMedSc) in Sports and Exercise Medicine from UCC, a Diploma in Musculoskeletal Medicine from NUIG and Specialist Registration in Primary Care with the Irish College of General Practitioners. He is currently working as a Clinical Research Fellow in Sports and Exercise Medicine in CUH and is supported by the Irish Centre For Arthritis Research and Education. David is also pursuing an MD in UCC under the supervision of Professors Mick Molloy and Fergus Shanahan.  His current research interests are centred on the role of physical activity in health and non-communicable disease, with a particular focus on the function of exercise in inflammation and innate immunity. David is currently involved in a number of APC studies, including the metabolic and microbiota changes following treatment in patients with inflammatory disease, understanding the role of the microbiome in osteoporosis and related disease and the health status and composition of gut microbiota in Irish travellers.

David’s clinical work involves the treatment of musculoskeletal injury in athletes, from high-performance individuals to weekend warriors and recreational enthusiasts as well as the prescription of exercise for prevention and treatment of specific disease processes. He enjoys teaching and contributes to under- and post-graduate programmes in sport and exercise medicine in UC

Away from work, David enjoys time with family and tries to spend as much time as possible outdoors, often in the mountains running and biking or competing in expedition adventure racing.