Bioprocessing platform

Bioprocessing platform

The Bioprocessing Unit (BPU) is an access controlled clean room suite specified, designed and equipped to produce bioactive materials (microbial cells, antimicrobials, microbial metabolites) for animal and human studies in a state-of-the-art, high-quality bioprocessing infrastructure. The facility has been designed to meet ISO-14644-1 Class 8 standard where product is exposed. This is the only facility of its type in Ireland, and there are very few in the EU not owned by commercial organisations.

Food Bioactive Pilot-Scale Production

  • Production area for the manufacture of health related functional components produced by bacteria.
  • Supports the activity of the APC Microbiome Institute, other research centres and academic departments in UCC whose research is focused on the Food/Pharma interface.
  • Contracted by industry partners for the production of specialized food related cultures.

The Pilot Plant unit is built to a controlled Class 100,000 clean room level and finished to a high standard. The unit is independently serviced and comprises of a suite of laboratories, production rooms and ancillary service rooms such as a weighing room, autoclave room.

The core process in the GMP Food facility will be fermentation of microbial bioactives and other beneficial food micro-organisms in a controlled environment for use as dietary supplement ingredients. The cultures generated by fermentation will be further processed firstly by harvesting the biomass or bioactive components by filtration and then freeze drying to stabilise the bioactive material.

State of the Art Process Equipment

  • SARTORIUS 1 BIOSTAT® D-DCU Fermentation System 100 litre capacity
  • SARTOFLOW® Beta Plus Crossflow Filtration System
  • Zirbus Sublimator 4 x 5 x 8/30 Freeze Dryer

The unit will offer and use well defined scientific methods, facilities and manufacturing controls to ensure that the final bioactive materials meet appropriate standards of safety, and quality.

The BPU offers the possibility to academic and industry researcher to bring their research to a higher TRL (technology readiness level) level than previously possible.

Responsible Investigators: