APC Microbiome Ireland Flow Cytometry Platform



  • The APC Microbiome Ireland Flow Cytometry Platform is located in Room 5.19, 5thFloor, Biosciences building at UCC.
  • The Platform provides centralised state of the art Flow cytometry instrumentation, expertise and training allowing users to perform measurements of different physical and chemical characteristics on single cells or particles (bacteria, yeast, and beads) as they pass one by one through a focused laser beam.
  • Flow cytometry can be used for many different applications (apoptosis, cell cycle, cell signalling, FRET, DNA content, phagocytosis, cytokine production etc.).
  • Measurements are extremely rapid – up to 20,000 particles per second and significant multiplexing is possible (up to 12 fluorescent parameters plus 2 scatter parameters analysed on each cell).
  • Statistical analysis of data is done using Flow cytometry analysis software (FlowJo, Diva, FCS Express) for accurate quantification of all parameters of interest.
  • Fluorescent Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) allows isolation of particles of interest for further downstream analysis (functional assays, cloning, culture, transcriptomics, proteomics