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A rewarding experience at the APC

By Roberta Prete, Visiting PhD student from the University of Teramo, Italy


I had the great pleasure to work with Dr. Susan Joyce and Dr. Cormac Gahan at the APC for almost 9 months where I contributed to research on Bile Salt Hydrolase and learned many new techniques.

I was born in Perugia, a town in the centre of Italy with a big University. I studied at the University of Perugia to get a BSc in Biology and, after some years working as a horse-riding teacher, I came back to get a Master degree in Biomolecular Applied Sciences. After that, I moved to do my PhD in the University of Teramo, a young but well-organized University full of international connections and located close to the Adriatic coast.

I had a great time in Cork, feeling immediately at home. I enjoyed as much as I could my free time, appreciating the Irish lifestyle, from the famous Irish breakfast to the taste of a Murphy’s pint!  I became involved in Cork life, enjoying both the daily and the nightlife in town, taking part in all city events, and being also a volunteer for the Irish Cancer Society. I also had time to discover more this amazing country through mountain hiking and day trips around the country.

I found the APC an extremely exciting work environment not only for improving my abilities and laboratory skills but also for being surrounded by many scientists who shared my love for science and research and from whom I received invaluable advice. I look forward to continuing my research career after my PhD and the time that I spent in APC will certainly influence my future career decisions.

I had the pleasure to meet many people from all over the world that helped me to open my mind and to enrich myself and they definitely became my second family. I have never thought before that I would consider another country as a second home, but now I can say that Cork stole a piece of my heart and I’m feeling half Irish, like!