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Bile Acids in the Small Intestine and Colon: Physiology, Pathophysiology, and Therapeutic Opportunities


Dr Cormac Gahan (APC Microbiome Institute) and Dr. Stephen Keely (RCSI) were co-recipients of Catalyst Award funding from Science Foundation Ireland to host an International Conference on Bile Acids & Disease. The conference  was co-hosted with Prof. Julian Walters (Imperial College London) and was held in Hodgkin Huxley House, London, the home of the Physiological Society. The conference focused upon the pathophysiology associated with perturbations in bile acid homeostasis that accompany various disease states and was attended by international experts and delegates from the pharmaceutical industry.

Speakers included Nigel Bunnett from Columbia University, Mark Donowitz from Johns Hopkins University, Frank Schaap from Maastricht University, Saskia van Mil from UMC Utrecht and Hanns Ulrich Marschall from the University of Gothenburg. Ongoing work at the APC Microbiome Institute was presented by Cormac Gahan, John Cryan and Anna Golubeva.

Picture: (L-R) Prof. John Cryan (School of Anatomy and Neuroscience & APC Microbiome Institute), Dr. Cormac Gahan (APC Microbiome Institute, School of Pharmacy and School of Microbiology) and Dr. Anna V Golubeva (Neurogastroentorology Lab, APC Microbiome Institute) attending the Bile Acids meeting in Hodgkin Huxley House, London.