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Listen to APEX Fellow Dr Carina Carbia speak about the effects of alcohol and binge drinking on the gut microbiota.


Listen to some of our APEX post docs talking about their experience on the programme. 


Industry engagement session 1Industry engagement session 2Industry engagement session 3

Careers workshop 1


Communication, Outreach and Public Engagement training

Seven workshops with a strong practical element and lots of hands-on activities and exercises. The workshops will take place each Wednesday from 12 pm – 3 pm, starting on Wednesday 27th January 2021 and finishing on Wednesday 10th March 2021.

The workshops will be held online via MSTeams and will feature frequent hands-on teamwork in breakout rooms.

Schedule is below:

Week 1 – Wednesday 27th January: Learning to communicate – Maria McNamara & Grett O’Connor
Week 2 – Wednesday 3rd February: Citizen science – Mark Jessopp & Tom Doyle
Week 3 – Wednesday 10th February: Working with schools – Aimee Stapleton
Week 4 – Wednesday 17th February: Print media – Tom Doyle
Week 5 – Wednesday 24th February: TV & radio – Grett O’Connor
Week 6 – Wednesday 3rd March: Social media – Jean O’Dwyer & UCC Media & Comms
Week 7 – Wednesday 10th March: Developing exhibits – Maria McNamara


Research skills training 2021

PM course


This course is designed to introduce research professionals to a structured approach to managing projects using the principles and practical techniques of effective project management. The programme takes place over 4 hours.

This course will provide an introduction to the basic theories of project management and how they can be tailored for projects in research settings. It is particularly useful for staff who have recently started managing projects or who have no formal training in project management theories. The course will cover the essential project management processes and knowledge areas as well as the characteristics of the principle project management documents. The role of a project manager will be examined, and frequently used project management tools and formulae will be discussed.

Topics discussed will include project lifecycles, roles, and responsibilities in a project, stakeholder analysis, communication planning, resource planning and control, planning, implementation, and close of projects.

On successful completion of this training, participants should be able to:
·Define what a project is and describe the processes involved in successful project management
·Produce stakeholder registers
·Define, manage, change and control project scope
·Interpret the project manager constraint triangle in a higher education setting
·Select appropriate scheduling tools for different types of projects
·Prepare work breakdown structures, Gantt charts and a critical path diagram for a research project
Investigate project resource requirements.


Entrepreneurship Training – APEX Business Idea Generation Challenge

Strand 1: IP and Technology Transfer (B. Curran).

Strand 2: Market Research resources (Virginia Conrick, UCC Library)

Strand 3: Entrepreneurship bootcamp (3 day APEX Business Idea Generation Challenge)

Summer school entrepreneurship


Communication, Outreach and Public Engagement training

 3 hours each week and the course was presented by in-house and external experts in science communication and/or media communication:

The workshops will be structured as follows:

Week 1 – Tuesday 14th January: Learning to communicate – Maria McNamara & Grett O’Connor
Week 2 – Tuesday 21st January: Developing exhibits – Maria McNamara
Week 3 – Tuesday 28th January: Working with schools – Aimee Stapleton
Week 4 – Tuesday 4th February: Print media – Tom Doyle
Week 5 – Tuesday 11th February: TV & radio – Grett O’Connor
Week 6 – Tuesday 18th February: Social media – Jean O’Dwyer & UCC Media & Comms
Week 7 – Tuesday 25th February: Citizen science – Mark Jessopp & Tom Doyle

PM course

Project Management Training for Researchers: 2 day training course specifically designed for Research Project Management

May 15th and 16th:  2019

Course Presenter: Joanne Fearon

Course times: 9:30am – 5.00pm each day.

Location: Aras na Laoi G02

This module is  a postgraduate level 9 (National Framework for Qualifications) skills training . This module will give Fellows an overview of the project management theories and processes in a research environment.

Outline of course programme.

1. Project conception
Problem definition, project charters, project initiation documents, Stakeholder analysis and management
2. Planning stage
Project Scope – definition, management and statement, The Project Management triangle – triple constraint, Project Goal statements, objective characterisation.
3. Execution stage
Scheduling – tools and techniques (Action planning, Work Breakdown structures & task lists, Gantt Charts, Network Diagrams, critical paths PERT, Compression – fast tracking and crashing, leads and lags, Project estimating – time and cost, Resource management and control
4. Project Control and ongoing upkeep
Project communication, performance, reporting, milestones. Project Risk – risk analysis, identification, controlling risk, RACI matrices, and contingencies. Change Management.
5. Project completion
Completion and project review
6. PM software

How to Write a Competitive Proposal for Horizon 2020: Half day workshop

30th April 2019 from 9:30-13:00

Course Presenter: Sean McCarthy – Hyperion.

Location: Food Science Building Room 322

Data management training 

16th September 2019 from 9.30-11.00.

Presenter: Aoife Coffey UCC Data manager co-ordinator

Location: Boardroom, Library UCC

Outreach news

Dr Namrata Iyer APEX postdoc with tells us about her research searching for new anti-inflammatory compounds on #WorldMicrobiomeDay

Video was shared on social media on June 27, 2020


Video for Cork Discovers part of European Researcher’s night titled “Cows, Candy and Other Curiosities” with APEX Fellow Dr. Namrata Iyer


Dr Namrata Iyer- microbiology expert on podcast “Probiotics: Scam or Superfood?” by ScienceVs


APEX fellow: Dr Miguel De Ullivarri talks about his research on killer peptide as a solution for candiasis for WorldMicrobiomeDay


Some of the APEX Fellows in Game of Microbes


APEX Fellow Dr Mariana Perez Ibarreche from Argentina tells us about her research on new antimicrobials addressing the global challenge of AntibioticResistance


APEX Fellow Dr. Namrata Iyer Featured on the Girlup Singapore Instagram account as a scientist


APEX Fellow Dr Shakhinur Mondial from Bangladesh is addressing the global challenge of AntibioticResistance in his research on endolysins (Bangla; subtitles in English) for WorldMicrobiomeDay


APEX Fellow Dr Fabiana Hoffmann Sarda presenting at Famelab Cork, 27th February 2019, Triskel Christchurch – Triskel Arts Center, Cork


Pint of Science Cork in May 22nd, 2019, APEX Fellow Dr Fabiana Hoffmann Sarda talks to the public about Breastmilk sugars and the microbiome.


Science is Wonderful. European Commission event 25, 26 September 2019  Brussels, Belgium

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