Primary School:

The Microbe Magic @ School programme develops educational activities for primary schools which aims to support teachers in the biological aspects of the science curriculum and stimulate an interest in science in 10-12-year-old students.

 Our activities include:

  • Continuous Professional Development for Primary School Teachers:  APC contributes to the teacher summer course “Exploring Primary Science” at the Lifetime Lab. This course is approved by the Department of Education.
  • MicrobeMagic website suitable for school students, teachers and parents. You will meet characters such as GI Jake, a bifidobacterium, and Luke O’Cyte, a white blood cell, together with educational multimedia games, experiments, quizzes and competitions or have your questions asked by an APC scientist!
  • Mentoring of primary school science projects, e.g. RDS Primary Science
  • Primary school workshops: Currently we are creating a new programme targeted specifically at DEIS schools in a more sustained way. All schools are welcome to register their interest in a workshop, but please be advised we have reduced the number of visits we can accommodate this year to allow us to develop our new programme. Please check back for updates.

For more information please contact our Education and Public Engagement Manager, Dr Aimee Stapleton – email:; tel: 021 4901313