Science is the language of the 21st Century and societal scientific literacy is the currency that will help the development of Ireland’s Knowledge Economy. The aim of the APC’s Public Engagement Programme is to engage the wider scientific community and stimulate public interest in, and understanding of, science in society, with particular emphasis on gastrointestinal health.

APC initiated the first ever World Microbiome Day in 2018.  It was celebrated again on 27th June 2019 with the theme Bacterial Resistant to Antibiotics.  The theme for World Microbiome Day 2020 is Diversity. For full details see

OUT NOW: The Language of Illness; BOOK by Fergus Shanahan

In this ground-breaking book, Dr Fergus Shanahan,  looks at the ways in which language can act as a barrier with regard to illness, and proposes practical ways in which we can dismantle these barriers. Part manifesto, part memoir, and part instruction manual, the book is an appeal for the use of clearer, more holistic language, by all those involved with, and affected by, illness. It is a book for all those who care about caring.  Order your copy from Liberties Press 

APC Public Fora are  held on a variety of topics; further details available under Events and News.  

APC participates in the Healthy Ireland at your Library. For full details check out Cork County Library website 


Examples of events for the public include: 

  • Circadian Rhythms Public Lecture Prof Russell Foster 3 October 2019
  • Circadian Rhythms exhibition at Glucksman, University College Cork 2 August – 3 November 2019
  • World Microbiome Day 2019  – Food for Thought Dinners for Digestive Health at Cornstore Cork and Limerick Restaurants
  • Famelab Cork  27 February 2019 Triskel Christchurch Cork TICKETS
  • Gut Health, Fitness and Performance, Pairc ui Chaoimh, Monday 12th November 2018
  • FINAL of UCC Science for All 22nd March 2018
  • Crohn’s & Colitis  Open Day 10 February 2018 Cork University Hospital
  • Exercise, Nutrition & the Microbiome Public Forum 12 November 2017 Pairc Ui Chaoimh Cork
  • Food for Thought  Eating for Digestive Health mindful meal  at The Cornstore Restaurant Cork 19th September 2017
  • Final of UCC Science for All 2017 science communication competition 5 April 2017
  • Famelab Cork Final 25 January 2017 Triskel Christchurch Cork
  • CARING Perspectives: Living with Dementia and the Caregiver Experience” 28 November 2016
  •  “Gut Feelings – How Our Gut Regulates Our Brain And Behaviour”  Prof Jane Foster Gut Instinct Public Lecture 30 November 2016
  • “Surviving Stress” Dr Anand Gururajan, Cork Science Festival 13 November 2016
  •  “More than a gut feeling: Microbiome as a key regulator of brain & behaviour’  Physiology 2016 Public Lecture Award Prof. John Cryan  watch video
  • De Pazzi Lecture 2016  “Reconfiguration of Hospitals in Ireland: A Journey without end”  Dr Colm Henry 20 April 2016
  • “Immune diseases today: a microbiological explanation for almost everything” Prof. Fergus Shanahan, Irish Society for Immunology Public Lecture Award 2015 VIEW PODCAST 
  • De Pazzi Lecture 2015 “The way we die now”  Dr Seamus O’Mahony 4 February 2015
  • Diet and Healthy Ageing” APC Public forum 24 September 2015
  • Super Bugs: Friends and Foes” – Celebrate Science, Science Week 12 November 2014
  • “Microbes Matter” APC Public Forum for World Digestive Health Day May 2014
  • “Inflammatory Bowel Disease”  in association with Irish Society for Colitis & Crohn’s Disease, February 2014 
  • Gut-Brain Axis: Focus on IBS” October & December 2013 – funded by Health Research Board
  • De Pazzi Lecture 2013  “Unravelling the impact of stress on health, brain, bowel & behaviour Prof. John Cryan
  • “Irritable Bowel Syndrome” March 2013
  • “Inflammatory Bowel Disease” January 2013

Information leaflets for the public

Animal Health & the Microbiome

Exercise and Microbiome 

Fermented Foods 

Food Fibre and Microbiome 





Stress & the Microbiome



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