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European Nutrition Leadership Platform


Ruairi Robertson recently attended the European Nutrition Leadership Platform (ENLP) in Luxemburg.  The ENLP aims to provide leadership, communication and career development skills to early-stage researchers, industry and policy professionals in the field of nutrition.  The ENLP Essentials course included topics such as time management, team management, professional feedback, communication and presentations, networking and a number other aspects of leadership and management.

Commenting on the benefits, Ruairi said “The ENLP is an great  experience allowing for structured career development and invaluable leadership skills development for young nutrition professionals to practice and perfect these skills, which will hugely benefit the nutrition field as a whole in the future. In particular, through group assignments and tasks, attendees gained experience with time management and team management. Working closely within teams with tight deadlines allowed attendees to identify and perfect their position within a team setting.”

He continued “the network that ENLP attendees become a part of following attendance is the most valuable benefit gained.  The professional and personal connections will be an invaluable resource for future international collaborations in the nutrition research sector. “