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Role of the IHMC

The role of the IHMC is to coordinate the activities and policies of the international groups studying the human microbiome, to promote the generation of a robust data resource that is freely available to the scientific community and can be analyzed across many groups. The IHMC ensures that large-scale, genomic analysis projects accelerate progress in human microbiome research and contribute to development of a robust data set that advances future studies of the human microbiome in health and disease by scientists around the world.

The IHMC also facilitates the adoption of informed consent and recruitment standards, quality standards and data deposition and release policies that will make high quality data available to the entire research community as rapidly as possible. Other functions of the IHMC include the coordination of research efforts to address the interests and priorities of individual participants, funding agencies and nations while minimizing unnecessary redundancy in human microbiome research.

For more information see http://www.human-microbiome.org/