Spin-out companies

APC Microbiome Ireland has spun out 3 companies since 2012:


Atlantia Food Clinical Trials Ltd is a clinical trials company, based in Blackpool, Cork that spun out of the APC Microbiome Institute at University College Cork in 2013.  Atlantia delivers end-to-end solutions for clinical trials in functional ingredients in foods & beverages, nutraceuticals, medical foods and dietary supplements. Over the past few years the team at Atlantia has built a comprehensive client list which includes many of the industry’s biggest names. Running all of their studies in accordance with ICH-GCP ensures that their clients are receiving the highest industry standards in their clinical program.

Atlantia has extensive clinical expertise in many health areas and together with a clinical team of physicians, project managers, research nurses, nutritionists, certified sports trainers, lab researchers and recruitment officers, they ensure that Atlantia can expertly deliver tailored human intervention studies in the specific functional ingredients.  They have a subject database of healthy volunteers, elderly, subjects with mild GI conditions and athletes, now in approaching 14,000 people.

Atlantia has a highly flexible structure, with expertise in running acute, observational and intervention studies across a broad spectrum of functional food and beverage categories, such as dairy, cereal, probiotic, different protein forms, vitamins/minerals, plant or marine extracts and medical foods.  Atlantia can provide support to your projects anywhere from pre-clinical research, product development and packaging, to managing all aspects of the trial including protocol design, recruitment, and study execution, sample and data analysis, statistics and report/dossier preparation.

Their close affiliation with  APC Microbiome Ireland and Teagasc at Moorepark Research Centre, as well as other research partners has helped position Atlantia as an expert in the areas of digestive health, cognitive health and probiotic/prebiotic research.  With a world renowned team of Clinicians and Scientists, supported by Atlantia’s team of project managers, nurses and nutritionists, conducting clinical studies to drug trial standards, reinforces Atlantia’s creditability as a world leader in this field.

If you would like further information, please see the Atlantia website at www.atlantiafoodclinicaltrials.com or email bskillington@atlantiafoodtrials.com


  • 4DpharmacorkLOGO4D pharma Cork Ltd (previously Tucana Health Ltd):

4D pharma Cork Ltd is a spin-out from the APC Microbiome Institute founded as Tucana Health in February 2016 by Professors Fergus Shanahan and Paul O’Toole. The focus of the company is to investigate how the composition of bacterial communities in the gut can aid the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Recent advances in the field have highlighted the importance of the gut microbiome, not only for the development of safe and efficacious new therapeutics, but also in the discovery of novel personalised diagnostic tools.

4D pharma Cork Ltd was formerly known as Tucana Health Ltd. before recently being acquired by 4D pharma plc, a pharmaceutical company focusing on the development of live biotherapeutics, a novel and emerging class of drugs. The spin-out company currently with a staff of 6 employees, will help to build further research capability, by providing high end research jobs.  While the initial focus of the spin-out company will be on diagnosis and patient stratification for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), the long term objective is to build a diagnostic platform across multiple disease areas, mirroring the programmes developed by 4D’s proprietary platform, MicroRx for the discovery of novel live biotherapeutics. For further information please contact Dr Eileen O’ Herlihy Site Manager.

  • Artugen Therapeutics

Artugen Therapeutics is a new spin-out company from the APC Microbiome Institute founded in 2016 by Profs Paul Ross and Colin Hill.  The company is licensing significant IP from the APC Microbiome Institute.   The company will focus on the discovery and development of targeted treatments for bacterial infections.   Artugen Therapeutics has attracted a Series A investment from Morningside Ventures, a top Hong-Kong and US-based international venture company.  Former Cubist Pharma Senior Vice President, Dr. Ronnie Farquhar has been appointed as the CEO.