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John MacSharry

Dr John MacSharry is a Lecturer in Molecular Medical Microbiology. John’s research interests are in host-microbe interactions with focus on the immune sampling and response in the mucosa of the gut and the lungs.

John is currently working on research projects such as;
1) The role the lung microbiota, (fungal, viral and bacterial), plays in Asthma pathogenesis.
2) The pathogenesis of Urinary tract infections from an immune and bacterial survival perspective.
3) The role the gut microbiota has on epithelial and immune homeostasis.

John is Deputy director of the Graduate entry to Medicine (GEM) program and the International Lead for the School of Medicine.

John graduated with a B.Sc. in Microbiology and a Ph.D. in Mucosal Immunology from University College Cork. He worked with Alimentary Health Ltd as Molecular Biology section head collaborating with several multinational research partners. He joined the APC Host Response core as a Post-Doctoral researcher and collaborated on Industrial research with GlaxoSmithKline. John was a guest researcher at the Meakins Christie Laboratories, McGill University in Montreal, Canada as part of an SFI Travel fellowship. John has also lectured and supervised part-time in the CIT. John was appointed to his current role in 2013, as a Lecturer in Molecular Medical Microbiology with the School of Medicine with an affiliation to the School of Microbiology.


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