Lorraine Draper Bio

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Lorraine Draper, Project Manager – Microbes to Molecules and Gut Phageomics

lorraine-draper-picLorraine Draper has a BSc in Biochemistry and a MSc and PhD in Microbiology. Her lab-based research began after degree when she began working on bacteriocins; antimicrobial agents produced by bacteria that kill other bacteria. This work specialized in investigating techniques for their purification and application. She then undertook a research MSc and PhD investigating resistance, immunity and regulation of specific bacteriocins. Following this, Lorraine undertook a post-doctoral position in APC’s Spoke 1 (Microbes to Molecules).  Here she investigated the role of bacteriophage in gut health and disease. In June 2017, she became the Project Manager for Research Spokes 1 (Microbes to Molecules) and 5 (Gut Phageomics).

Email: l.draper@ucc.ie