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Would you like to join one of the world’s leading microbiome centres? APC Microbiome Ireland and University College Cork are recruiting a new Professor of Microbiome & Health Science as part of the Irish Government’s strategic hiring of women into academic leadership roles. The position will be academically based in both the Schools of Microbiology and  Medicine.

We want to recruit an established researcher or a rising star in any cognate discipline, such as infectious diseases, cancer, computational biology, mathematical modelling, immunology, neuroscience, neurogastroenterology, psychology, nutrition, biochemistry, cell biology, skin microbiome, molecular microbiology that will complement and add new breadth to existing APC microbiome expertise.

The Professor of Microbiome & Health Science  is one of 20 women-only professorship roles as part of the Senior Academic Leadership Initiative (SALI).  Launched last year, its goal is to accelerate progress in achieving gender balance within academia in Ireland.

Based at University College Cork and Teagasc (the Irish Agriculture and Food Development Authority), APC Microbiome Ireland SFI Research Centre is a pioneer in the field of microbiome science, which focuses on microbes that live in and on the body and play a significant role in human health.

APC Microbiome Ireland SFI Research Centre is ranked number one globally for research in antimicrobial and therapeutic microbes and is in the top five institutions in the world for microbiome research.

APC Microbiome Ireland has made several landmark discoveries, publishing over 2,700 research articles in peer-reviewed journals.  Recent research areas being led by APC Microbiome Ireland, include the development of new diagnostics or biomarkers of health or risk of disease (e.g. colon cancer) based on analysis of the microbiota; exploring the mechanisms by which the microbiota may be favourably mobilised or manipulated (e.g. by bacteriophage) to promote health and ‘mining’ the microbiota for new drugs (e.g. smart antibiotics) and functional food ingredients.  Read APC’s ‘Mining Microbes for Mankind – 15 years of Impact’ report at

The APC Microbiome Ireland SFI Research Centre, founded as the Alimentary Pharmabotic Centre in 2003, is about people working together across the boundaries of traditional research sectors. The APC has created a lively trans-disciplinary environment with clinicians, clinician-scientists and basic scientists from diverse backgrounds working in teams, sharing ideas and resources. Although focused upon the magic and mysteries of the gastrointestinal bacterial community, (the microbiota), the scale and scope of the work has become one of the fastest moving areas of biology, of relevance to all branches of human medicine and veterinary science, and is of growing importance to the economic welfare of society.

Informal enquiries may be made in confidence to Prof Paul Ross, Director, APC Microbiome Ireland

For full details of the position and application process see here

Because of the current COVID-19 crisis, the closing date has been extended to 12noon on 31st May 2020.