Now Recruiting Professor of Microbiome & Health Science

Mar 10, 2020
  Would you like to join one of the world's leading microbiome centres? APC Microbiome Ireland and University College Cork are recruiting a new Professor of Microbiome & Health Science as part of the Irish Government's strategic hiring of women into academic leadership roles. The pos More

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action (MCSA) Successes

Feb 27, 2020
Prestigious EU Fellowships for Outstanding Young Microbiome Researchers Four talented researchers at APC Microbiome Ireland (APC) SFI Research Centre in University College Cork have been awarded the prestigious Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action (MCSA) postdoctoral fellowships this year. Nearly More

Mediterranean diet linked to gut bacteria for ‘healthy ageing’

Feb 18, 2020
NU-AGE MedDiet causes gut bacteria changes linked to improvements in cognitive function and memory, immunity and bone strength for healthy ageing People are living longer than ever before so it’s important that we find ways of helping them live healthier for longer. While, exercise and die More

Actifensin and Nisin J

Feb 17, 2020
JBact cover May 2020 Bacteriocins found in sheep poo and on human skin   Julie O’Sullivan and Ivan Sugrue in the Microbes to Molecules group led by Paul Ross and Colin Hill, have added to APC’s arsenal of new antimicrobials with discoveries of Nisin J, a new antimicrobial produced from staphylococcal bac More

Science For Ireland

Feb 10, 2020
The Microbiology Society publishes a Position Statement on Irish Science As newly elected members of Ireland’s  33rd  Dáil  meet to discuss formation of a new Government, the Microbiology Society has published a position statement, “Science for Ireland: Propelling Research and Innovati More

Ireland’s Cricket team not immune to Delhi Belly

Travel takes a toll on the gut For athletes who travel internationally to compete, avoiding gut distress symptoms (aka Delhi Belly) is crucial to ensure top performance and this new study provides insight to identify approaches for athletes preparing for international sporting tournaments. I More

Bacteria have virus problems too!

APC researchers boost catalog of ssRNA viruses The first biological entity to have its genome fully sequenced (in 1976) was that of an RNA virus. Unlike recent RNA viruses that have been in the news, this virus infects and kills a bacterium. In the intervening four decades, while many thousan More

Congratulations to our Famelab Cork Winners

Feb 7, 2020
APC Speakers come in 1st and 2nd in Cork Heat of Famelab Many congratulations to APC's Joe Pennycook and Simon Spichak who were awarded 1st and 2nd prizes at the recent Cork heat of Famelab.  Joe and Simon will participate in the National Final which takes place in Cork on 15 April 2020. More

Summer Student Bursaries at APC

Opportunities for undergraduates to spend  summer in APC Microbiome Ireland research labs Are you a student studying science, medicine or engineering in Ireland who will have completed 3 years of undergraduate study this year? Do you want to gain valuable laboratory research experience in a wo More