Lifestyle changes of Irish Travellers shape their gut microbiomes

Jul 6, 2020
Investigators at APC Microbiome Ireland were stunned by the findings of the first microbiome study of Irish Travellers which challenges the concept of a ‘normal’ or ‘healthy’ microbiome and asks: “what is a normal or desirable microbiome in an ethnically diverse society?” The finding More

UCC microbiome spinout acquired by Novozymes

Jun 26, 2020
APC wishes to congratulate our long-term collaborators, the PrecisionBiotics Group, on their acquisition by the leading Danish bioinnovation company, Novozymes, in a €80 million deal. “APC researchers have collaborated very closely with PrecisionBiotics for over two decades on the develo More

Recent Funding Successes

Jun 20, 2020
New Research Grants   Innovative Training Networks Dr Cormac Gahan and Dr Brendan Griffin  will lead two new  Innovative Training Networks (ITN) These new ITNs, which were successful at the evaluation stage and have been invited to participate in preparing the grant agreements worth More

Food is Funky

APC’s educational workshop features on RTÉ School Hub With schools closed, pupils around the country have been tuning in daily to learn at home with the Home School Hub on RTE, Ireland's most popular TV station. At the beginning of June, the show featured one of APC’s educational workshops More

Discover the Diverse World of Microbes 

World Microbiome Day @APC Variety is the spice of life and this is certainly true when it comes to microbiomes - the communities of bacteria, fungi and viruses that are found just about everywhere. That’s why the theme for this year’s World Microbiome Day is diversity. Join us as we celebra More


Jun 16, 2020
APC Scientists Attract Key Funding on IBS APC Microbiome Ireland researchers, Dr Gerard Clarke and Professor John F. Cryan have recently been awarded key research funding under the European Commission's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme to understand the role of the microbiome and More

Prediction of relapse in IBD

Jun 15, 2020
New microbiome research of practical value to patients   Two of the most important and largest microbiome studies ever undertaken in patients with chronic inflammatory bowel disease have been conducted by a team of researchers in Cork from APC Microbiome Ireland. The research, which als More

Virtual metabolic humans

Jun 4, 2020
Harvey and Harvetta, novel computational models for personalised medicine Researchers, led by APC Principal Investigator Prof Ines Thiele based in NUI Galway, have developed whole-body computational models - Harvey and Harvetta -  which advance the concept of personalised medicine. Harvey a More

SOPHIA Launched

Three APC Investigators partner in an international obesity research consortium APC Investigators, Dr Susan Joyce, Dr Orla O’Sullivan and Dr Harriet Schellekens, have joined 28 other leading partners from civil society, academia and industry from 12 countries to better understand obesity and More