Press Releases

28 April 2021Long COVID linked with Immune Response Signature
25 March 2021APC participate in SFI STEAM Art Collaboration to communicate COVID-testing
19 March 2021New video created to highlight the impact of music on brain and mental health has UCC Stomping Out loud!
12 January 2021APC Microbiome Ireland and University of Jiangnan sign co-operation agreement
16 December 2020APC Microbiome Ireland announces new collaboration with international animal health company ImmuCell
09 December 2020UCC Research Projects Receive Prestigious European Backing_ 9Dec2020
08 December 2020Female researchers awarded second prestigious 8Dec2020
08 December 2020Stressing the Small Stuff; Cork Researchers Unravel how the Microbiome may hold the Secret to how Stress Affects the Body
01 December 2020World-leading academic to head €3.7 million SFI-funded chronic disease programme at UCC
30 November 2020Frontier gut virus research receives prestigious funding
29 November 2020A team of academics from University College Cork braved riots and teargas…29Nov2020
27 October 2020APC Microbiome Ireland partners with Kraft Heinz
13 October 2020Prof Colin Hill receives UCC Career Achievement Research Award
13 August 2020Cheese – new insights into an age old food
24 July 2020UCC announce highly anticipated launch of SeqBiome
06 July 2020The gut microbiome of Travellers gives a timely public health lesson
22 June 2020Discover the diverse world of microbes
22 June 2020ADSA 2020-Award-Stanton
16 June 2020UCC Scientists Attract Key European Horizon 2020 Funding on Gut Health
15 June 2020New Microbiome Research of Practical Value to Patients
03 June 2020Virtual Metabolic Humans
03 June 2020SOPHIA Press release APC
29 May 2020APC Innovative Training Network Successes
25 May 2020Gut Relations: Fermented foods are tightly linked to the gut microbiome
18 May 2020 Don’t cry over fermented milks
07  April 2020via Teagasc Tracking Microorganisms through the dairy production process
13 March 2020Major Infant Health Collaboration Announced by APC Microbiome Ireland with DuPont Nutrition and Biosciences 
27 February 2020APC Successes in Prestigious Marie Curie Research Fellowships
17 February 2020 BMJ press release Mediterranean diet promotes gut bacteria linked to ‘healthy ageing’ in older people  
13 February 2020 Alternatives to Antibiotics found in sheep poo and on human skin  
07 February 2020 Irish scientists greatly expand our knowledge of ssRNA viruses  
07 February 2020  Ireland’s Cricket Team not immune to Delhi Belly  
19 December 2019 Asthma Obesity and the Microbiome
16 December 2019 How to save your gut this Christmas
19 November 2019 APC_Highly Cited Researchers 2019
04 October 2019Bacteria can be used to heal aspirin-induced ulcers Irish research reveals
25 September 2019  World leading sleep expert to give public lecture at UCC
29 August 2019  Personalising Medicine in Psychiatry
01 August 2019 Tick-Tock of the Circadian Clock: UCC exhibition to explore biological time
26 June 2019 Game of Microbes Winter is Coming
15 May 2019 Could Fibre be the Ferrari for the Middle-aged Brain
14 March 2019APC Microbiome Ireland announces dietary fibre research collaboration with Tate & Lyle 
21 January 2019High fat diet may increase risk of food poisoning from Listeria monocytogenes
10 January 2019 15 years of exploring our gut
27 November 2018 Ten APC Microbiome Ireland Researchers are ranked in the top 1% of their fields
20 November 2018 Follow your Food
04 November 2018 Spilling the Guts on Performance
23 October 2018 MicrobeMom -Finding the optimal probiotics for pregnant women and healthier babies
25 June 2018 Celebrating Microbes on the first ever World Microbiome Day
5 June 2018 Nominate your Microbiome Hero 2018
29 May 2018 Eating oily fish may help mothers have babies with healthy weight and healthy guts 29 May2018
1  May 2018 Microbiome Baking for Cancer Support
15 February 2018 Unravelling the success of Bifidobacteria across three generations Press Release 15 Feb 2018
3 February 2018 Let Food be thy Medicine
19 January 2018 APC Microbiome Ireland Mobilising the Microbiome against the Coming Plague of Anti-Microbial Resistance
30 November 2017 APC Microbiome Institute partners with DuPont Nutrition & Health in infant health
25 August 2017 Thinking small- APC Microbiome Institute Scientists Show Surprising New Impact of Gut Bacteria on Gene Expression in the Brain
21 August 2017 Festival of Neurogastroenterology comes to Cork
20 June 2017 Understanding how pain is bugging you…Irish Scientists Uncover Critical Role for Microbes in Mediating Gut Pain
16 May 2017 Scared by Bugs: Irish scientists uncover a role for the microbiome in regulating fear response
03 April 2017 Gut Scrum – the Rugby Microbiome Team
02 April 2017 TY Students Believe in Science
22 Mar 2017Bacteria and-phages- endless cycles of evolution?
13 Mar 2017Oatmeal healthy bugs and a happy heart
24 Jan 2017 Feed your Microbes: Block your Stress
17 Jan 2017 Breastfeeding is particularly important for babies born by c-section
12 Dec 2016Green pastures deliver superior dairy products
27 Nov 2016Gut feelings how our gut regulates our brain and behaviour
24 Nov 2016 The Glucksman probes gut-brain link
23 Nov 2016 Public Seminar-Caring for the caregivers
05 Oct 2016 Gaining new insights into the health promoting properties of kefir
04 Oct 2016 Cork scientists develop an arsenal of natural alternatives to antibiotics
26 May 2016APC Microbiome Institute University College Cork Receives Grand Challenge Explorations Grant for Groundbreaking Research in Global Health and Development
16 May 2016Transition Year Students Experience Cutting -Edge Science at UCC
06 April 2016Are microbes the missing piece in understanding myelination Press Release 5 April 2016
03 April 2016Talking science without the jargon at UCC
23 Feb 2016Microbiome research: A key to improving health driving food production and boosting EU innovation
15 Feb 2016Spin-out company Tucana Health Ltd creates jobs in Cork
21 Nov 2015Minister Bruton announces new AbbVie and Science Foundation Ireland investment of €10m in two new research collaborations
19 Oct 2015 Probiotic may alleviate stress related conditions
02 Oct 2015 Expanding the biotechnology potential of Lactobacilli
29 Sept 2015APC and Italian colleagues investigate the health benefits of a Mediterranean diet
28 Aug 2015Fifty new jobs created with establishment of APC Microbiome Institute
27 Aug 2015APC announces €4.8m Autism Spectrum Disorder research alliance with 4D pharma plc
27 April 2015Second Genome Announces Inflammatory Bowel Disease Research Alliance with the APC Microbiome Institute at University College Cork
16 March 2015Taoiseach Enda Kenny announces collaboration between APC Microbiome Institute and Johnson & Johnson Innovation – A unique partnership to explore the use of viruses in the gut as potential therapeutics
15 Jan 2015Cork Scientists identify new link between gut bacteria and type-1 diabetes
31 Oct 2014When a Raspberry Pi is not a raspberry pie … SFI Researchers Celebrate the Power of Science
23 Oct 2014Do gut bacteria hold the key to determining the cause of schizophrenia?
07 Oct 2014UCC scientists investigate why some can resist stress
24 Sept 2014A Gut Feeling About Pain: APC Scientists Uncover Long-lasting Consequences of Early-life Antibiotic Use
16 July 2014Summertime, and the Learning is Easy....
06 June 2014The Irish Rugby Team Has Exceptional Guts – Excerise and Diet impact on gut microbial diversity
20 May 2014Microbes Matter – APC Public Forum on Gut Bacteria in Health & Disease
06 May 2014Cork Researchers Further Understanding of How Gut Bacteria Regulate Weight Gain
14 April 2014Mark Makes Science Understandable for All
02 April 2014Science for All – UCC Students Compete to Make Science Understandable for All
14 March 2014Colaiste Muire Crosshaven Win Munster Final of Debating Science Issues
20 Feb 2014Alimentary Health, global leader in probiotic technology, launches major new precision probiotic in Ireland
27 Jan 2014Open Day for Colitis and Crohn’s Disease Patients at Cork University Hospital Saturday 1 February
15 Nov 2013Have you got the guts for the Alimentary Adventures
24th Sept 2013Dampening the Flames of Inflammation – Cork scientists discover a new protective role for Natural killer (NK) cells in intestinal inflammation
9th Sept 2013Stressed Out Memories: Beyond the Gut in IBS
29 AugustAPC Scientists feature in Dara O’Briain’s BBC Science Club
21 August 2013“Waiting” – a Winning Essay
12 August 2013Probiotic Effects Within and Beyond the Gut
29 July 2013The Protein Pellino3 may protect against IBD
21 June 2013APC receives €50 million research investment
21 May 2013A Gut Feeling about Autism
May 2013Inspiring the next generation of Budding Biologists
12 February 2013A Killer Punch to Infection – Cork Scientists find new role for Natural Killer (NK) Cells in Gastrointestinal Infections
07 February 2013Clonakilty Winners of Munster Final of Debating Science Issues
02 January 2013Antibiotics Affect Babies’ long-term Health
20 November 2012UCC Research Awards for APC Scientists
28 October 2012International Symposium on “The Experience of Illness: Learning from the Arts” to take place at UCC
10 September 2012Guide to food and supplement clinical trials on the menu at UCC Symposium
13 July 2012Irish Researchers Establish a link between diet, gut bacteria and health status in older Irish people
1 July 2012Droppin’ Science @ The Culture Box
19 June 2012Science Raps with APC & Stevie G
12 June 2012Gut Bacteria Regulate Happiness....
5 June 2012Cork Doctors Offer Good News for Crohn ‘s Patients
23 May 2012APC Public Forum for World Digestive Health Day
11 May 2012Paul Ross Appointed Research Professor at UCC
3 May 2012Budding Biologists Transition Year Experience 2012
19 April 2012Clonakilty School Wins National Final of Debating Science Issues
11 April 2012Probiotic Bacteria May Influence Brain Fatty Acid Composition
4 April 2012IBS May Increase Risk of Miscarriage and Ectopic Pregnancy
3 April 2012Developing New Therapies for Cystic Fibrosis-associated Lung Infections
28 March 2012Bruno Wins UCC Science for All 2012
23 January 2012Probiotics: Sugar-coating promotes survival and reduces infection
13 Dec 2011Microbe Magic @ School Week 2011
02 Nov 2011International Gastroenterology Award for Eamonn Quigley
10 Oct 2011International Collaboration on Probiotic Research
20 Sept 20112011 Science Raps Competition Launched
30 August 2011Probiotic bacteria may lessen anxiety and depression related disorders
25 August 2011Toxin-producing Bacteria – the importance of knowing your enemy
22 August 2011UREKA 2011 Students Site Visit to Novartis
13th August 2011Study discovers bug behind most food poisoning
12 July 2011APC Neuroscientist Wins Prestigious International Award
20 June 2011UCC Scientists Advance Probiotic Research
26 May 2011Microbes for Mankind – from Science to Society
25 May 2011Irritable Bowel Syndrome- Infections, Food and Stress
21st April 2011Cork Scientists Ranked as World Leaders in Probiotic Research
28th March 2011Munster Debating Science Winners
25th March 2011Students Communicate Science
23rd Dec 2010Designer probiotics could reduce obesity
2nd Nov 2010TB: A re-emerging problem?
13th Sept 2010“Preventing Colon Cancer – is screening the way forward”
6th Sept 2010Talented bacteria make food poisoning unpredictable
28th June 2010New treatment for hospital-acquired superbug C. difficile
11th June 2010International Award for APC Scientists
10th June 2010Living with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
3rd June 2010A Gut Feeling about Pain and Childhood Stress
5th Nov 2009Understanding Microbes
3rd Nov 2009Fergus Shanahan awarded “David Sun” Lecture
17th Sept 2009

Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre licenses Thuricin CD, a novel antibiotic effective against C. difficile, to Biotechnology company, Alimentary Health

11th Sept 2009Minister Lenihan identifies Alimentary Pharmabiotic
Centre as playing key role in the Smart Economy
13th July 2009Students research infectious diseases
4th June 2009Creating a successful start-up company -UCC conference
20th May 2009UCC Marks World Digestive Health Day with Public Forum on Irritable Bowel Syndrome
28 April 2009UCC Wins Premier Science Prize
9th April 2009Abbott Bursary 2008
3rd April 2009St Mary’s Secondary School Macroom win National Debating Competition
2nd April 2009Well Done
27th March 2009Mystery of Science unravelled by UCC Students
20th March 2009St Mary’s Secondary School Macroom victorious in Debating Competition
16 Jan 2009Science for All 2009 Launched
Dec 2008APC researchers are part of the 2008 Innovations in Gastroenterology Bursary Award winning team.
23 Dec 08

Can bad bugs be beneficial?

Dr Roy Sleator and Professor Colin Hill, APC Princial Investigators launch new book.

18 Dec 08

Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre (APC) at UCC to benefit from Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) funding

25 Dec 08Professor Paul Ross has won the Enterprise Ireland Lifescience and Food commercialisation Award for 2008.
11 Nov 08

ELDERMET / APC Public Forum

Health in the Older Adult – diet, the digestive system & quality of life.

Nov 2008
Dr John McSharry, APC, has been awarded a Short-term Travel Fellowship from Science Foundation Ireland . John will visit the laboratory of Professor James Martin, Director of the Meakins-Christie Laboratory at McGill University, Montreal, Canada , for three months.

Public lecture – 10th Annual De Pazzi Lecture  Dr. John Sotos MD: “Abraham Lincoln: A Unifying Diagnosis”

22 Sept 08

UCC Microbiologists – Dr Paul Cotter and Professor Colin Hill – discovery important clues as to how the food-poisoning bacteria Listeria monocytogenes causes disease.
09 June 08IBS Open Day – Public Forum, 2008
12 May 08Debating Science Issues – Competition winners!
03. April 08UCC Science for All competition winner announced
28 Jan 08Microbe Magic goes live! 
21 Jan 08UCC Public Forum to address health issues
21 Jan 08Dr John Cryan – Public Lecture Series – Getting on your nerves: stress and the brain – from disease to drugs
29 Nov 07

Future trends in Gastrointestinal Health

07 Nov 07

Budding Biologists Careers Night at UCC

26 July 07

Cork scientists research new treatment to combat bowel infection among the elderly

13June 07Combating infectious disease with probiotics
25 May 07Focus on Health- straight from the gut
17 Apr 07Gastroenterologists gather in Killarney for Bi-annual Conference
27 March 07

Science for All Competition, 4 April

27 March 07William C. Haines Dairy Science Award for Professor Paul Ross
12 Febr 07

Minister Martin Launches R&D Roadshows at UCC

25 Jan 07What Food Can Teach Us
8 Dec 06To eat is a necessity but to eat intelligently is an art
22 Aug 06GlaxoSmithKline to establish a major drug discovery collaborative research project with the Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre, Ireland
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At RTE news (www and RealAudio )
UCC Microbiologist awarded Oxoid W. H. Pierce Prize

TREO – Setting the direction for science education and outreach in Ireland

12 May 06Learning and Living with Irritable Bowel Syndrome
16 Jan 06Natural Solutions to Today’s Medical Problems
16 Nov 05

From Patients to Classrooms – Cork scientists bring science to society

20 Oct 05

Head of UCC’s School of Medicine elected President of the World Gastroenterology Organisation

17 Oct 05Thinking Yourself Better – Last Lecture Series, 19 October
14 Oct 05Prestigious Award for Dr Catherine Molloy
3 Oct 05Innovation in Medical Science – APC Conference, 7 October
Fundraising for Gastrointestinal Research
Science for All – A Winner
24 May 05Live the Good Life at UCC – World Digestive Day, 27 May
13 Apr 05Science for All Competition   –   UCC Postgrads to Make Everything Clear
7 Dec 04Talking Heads – Stimulating Dialogue between Industry and the Scientific Community for the Benefit of Consumers
8 Nov 04Scientists in Cork bring science to society – taking the laboratory to the schoolroom
Belgian Scientists@work Winners visit APC
World Digestive Health Day
16 Feb 04Coping with the Blues for a Healthy Heart
13 Jan 04Searching for Words….
Functional Foods – Hottest Ticket in the Food Industry
Smoking and Crohn’s Disease
From Bugs to Drugs – developing new therapies for gastroenteritis, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease