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Science for All at UCC- without the jargon


Come along and hear postgraduate students explain their research to the public at the final of the 10th annual UCC Science for All competition. Ten minute talks from:

  • Maria Donovan – Treating neonatal seizures: finding a “fitting” treatment for babies
  • Cian Hill – The INFANTMET Study: Why Breast is Best; New Knowledge from Newborns’ Nappies
  • Mark Kennedy – More than Money, Gold & Diamonds: The Mass of a Neutron Star
  • Matteo Pusceddu – Can Fat be Good for your Brain?
  • Ruairi Robertson – Protecting Probiotics – Can Seaweed Save our Guts?

The FINAL takes place at 7pm on Wednesday April 9th 2014 in Boole Lecture theatre 2, University College Cork.. ALL are WELCOME and admission is free.

  • Photo (l-r) Finalists Mark Kennedy, Matteo Pusceddu, Cian Hill, Maria Donovan & Ruairi Robertson,

    26 March 2014