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Paul Cotter

Dr. Paul Cotter is a Principal Research Officer and Head of Food Biosciences at Teagasc Food Research Centre, Ireland where he also runs the Teagasc Next Gen DNA Sequencing Centre and an accompanying team of bioinformaticians. In addition, he is a Principal Investigator within the APC Microbiome Institute and an adjunct lecturer at Cork Institute of Technology. Paul’s research focuses primarily on the microbiology of food (especially fermented foods and beverages and their health promoting properties), the food chain (from a spoilage and safety perspective) and the human microbiome (including gut and vagina) and the modulation thereof, in the latter case through for, example, live biotherapeutics/probiotics, diet and exercise. He also has an international reputation in the field of antimicrobial peptides/bacteriocins. His laboratory were awarded the title of Irish Food/Agriculture Laboratory of the Year 2013, 2015 and 2016 and he has received awards from the Society for Applied Microbiology, ESCMID and FEMS and is an appointed faculty member of Faculty of 1000 (Biology) since 2006. Dr Cotter is also the author of >250 peer-reviewed publications (H-index 60) resulting from research funded by the EU, Science Foundation Ireland, the Irish Health Research Board, Enterprise Ireland, the Irish Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and the Irish Research Council for Science Engineering and Technology. He has also served on the editorial boards of MSystems, Applied & Environmental Microbiology, PLoS One, BMC Microbiology, F1000 Reports and Proteins & Antimicrobial Peptides.

Contact details: E-mail:; Tel: +353 25 42694