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APC at Congreso Futuro, Chile

Prof. John F. Cryan  on panel “Bacteria – enemies or allies”


Prof. John Cryan (Dept. Anatomy & Neuroscience and APC Microbiome Institute) was a guest speaker at the Futures Congress, which took place between from 9th -15th January 2017 in Santiago and across Chile. This free event brought together over 15,000 attendants, and more than a million followed on live streaming from different countries across the globe.

The forum was aimed at promoting an exchange of ideas between Chile and the world’s leading scientific thinkers. The event included Nobel laureates, scientists, researchers, politicians and scholars alike. Participants enjoyed seven days of thought-provoking and action-driving debates on topics as broad as energy, artificial intelligence, new materials, smart cities, global warming, extending life expectancy, genomes and artificial chromosomes, the origin of the universe, perspectives of astrobiology, medicine and nano-technology, paradigms of sustainable development, multiculturalism and ethnic integration, the impact of the internet of things and big data, among others – all critical issues for the building of a better future for mankind.

Prof. Cryan spoke about his research on gut-brain interactions in a panel focusing on “Bacteria- Enemies or Allies”.  Other panellists included the economist Lord Jim O’Neil, Former Chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management and former UK government minister who focused on antibiotic resistance and  the esteemed paediatrician , Fernando Martinez from Arizona, who   focused on the role of microbes in asthma.  John’s contribution to the Congress was reported on the front page of the national newspaper  El Mercurio.

John was also invited to give a lecture at the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso during his trip to Chile where two APC research alumni , Javier Bravo & Marcela Julio-Piper, are on faculty.  Another APC alumnus, Carroll Beltran from University of Chile, Santiago  also attended the lecture.

Photo (left to right): Prof. John Cryan, APC Microbiome Institute, UCC,  Dr Carroll Beltran, University of Chile, Dr Marcela Juolio-Piper, Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaiso and Dr Javier Bravo, Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaiso.