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Recent Funding Successes

  APC Successes in “A Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life” Joint Programming Initiative

Researchers at the APC Microbiome Institute at UCC and Teagasc were awarded ~€2m in the latest round of the Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) “A Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life” through SFI, DAFM and the HRB. This JPI seeks to understand the most effective ways of improving public health through selected specific interventions targeting dietary and physical activity behaviours. It is contributing significantly to the construction of a fully operational European Research Area on the prevention of diet-related diseases and strengthening leadership and competitiveness in the food industry.

APC successes in the Joint Actions include:

Food Processing for Health


LongLife JPI Consortium pictured at UCC Brewery

  • LONGLIFE Food Fermentations for Purpose: Health Promotion and Preservation – project led by Catherine Stanton with collaborators in Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland & Romania.

Nutrition and Cognitive Function

  • AMBROSIAC A Menu for Brain Responses Opposing Stress-Induced Alterations in Cognition – project led by John Cryan with collaborators in France, Denmark, Italy, Netherlands and the UK. 

Intestinal Microbiomics

  • DINAMICDiet-induced Arrangement of the gut Microbiome for improvement of Cardiometabolic health led by Thomas Clavel, Germany with APC’s Paul O’Toole and others from Denmark, France, UK, Italy, and the Netherlands.
  • EarlyMicroHealth Impact of early life diet on microbiome development & later health led by Miguel Gueimonde, Spain, with Douwe Van Sinderen and others from Italy, Netherlands and China.

Malnutrition in the Elderly Knowledge Hub

MaNuEL – The Knowledge Hub on Malnutrition in the Elderly which is led Marjolein Visser, The Netherlands and Dorothee Volkert, Germany. The Joint Action brings together 22 participating research groups from 7 countries (Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Spain) who will join forces to create a network to build better research capacity on Malnutrition in the Elderly across Europe. The Irish consortium is led by APC faculty member Eibhlis O’ Connor of the University of Limerick.

Other recent funded projects

NextSeq DNA Sequencing – Paul Cotter received €242,675 through Science Foundation Ireland’s Infrastructure Fund towards purchase of an Illumina NextSeq platform.  This allows further expansion of the existing APC Microbiome Institute/Teagasc (Moorepark) Next Gen Sequencing Platform to become a centralised Irish Sequencing Centre.

BioMarine – An Irish Research Council post-graduate scholarship was secured by Sian Egerton, on the project ‘Developing high value protein and lipid fractions from blue whiting and boarfish’, with Paul Ross, and Catherine Stanton as her PhD supervisors.

Gallbiome – Crystal Johnson,  a post-doc from Oklahoma USA, was recently awarded a 2 year H2020-Marie Sklodowska Curie Independent Fellowship to work with Catherine Stanton and Paul Ross in collaboration with Mr. Criostoir O’Suilleabhain of Mercy University Hospital. Crystal’s project “will investigate the  relationships between the gallbladder microbiota, gut microbiota, and human health, with a view to informing future development of diagnostics and therapeutics.

Claire Watkins was awarded a Teagasc Short-Term Overseas Training Award to visit the lab of Dr. Emma Allen-Vercoe at the University of Guelph, Ontario, this summer to collaborate on their distal colon model, robogut.   “This will allow our groups to describe how the communities of bacteria in a unique colon model interact, whilst mimicking the pre-term infant gut, and evaluating the effect that our probiotics have on the microbial community present and the metabolites they produce”