Journal Covers

Journal covers


Cover of PNAS Issue 104, Vol. 18.  Corr et al. 2007.
Bacteriocin production as a mechanism for the anti-infective activity of Lactobacillus salivarius



Cover of PNAS Issue 103, Vol 17.
Claessonat al. Multi-replicon genome architecture of Lactobacillus salivarius.  Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci USA 2006;103(17): 6718-6723


Cover of Nature Reviews Microbiology, Issue 3.
Cotter, P, C. Hill and RP Ross.  2005.

Bacteriocins; developing innate immunity for food. Nature Reviews Microbiol.  3:777-788



Cover of Journal of Bacteriology. Issue 186, Vol. 9. S. O’Flaherty, A. Coffey, R. Edwards, W. Meaney, G. F. Fitzgerald, and R. P. Ross.
Genome of Staphylococcal Phage K: a New Lineage of Myoviridae Infecting Gram-Positive Bacteria with a Low G+C Content. Bacteriol. 2004 May; 186(9): 2862–2871

Cover of Gastroenterology, Issue127(2).
Vandenbroucke K, Hans W, Van Huysse J, Neirynck S, Demetter P, Remaut E Rottiers P Steidler L.

Active delivery of trefoil factors by genetically modified Lactococcus lactis prevents and heals acute colitis in mice; Gastroenterology (2004) 127(2):502-13.


Cover of Gastroenterology 128, Vol 3. 
O’Mahony L, McCarthy J, Kelly P, et al, Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium in Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Symptom Responses and Relationships to Cytokine Profiles, Gastroenterology, 2005;128 (3): 541-551


Cover of Microbiology, Issue 153, Vol. 10.
Sheehan VM, RD Sleator, G Fitzgerald and C Hill. 2007
Improving gastric transit, gastrointestinal persistence and therapeutic efficacy of the probiotic strain Bifidobacterium breve UCC2003. Microbiology 153(10):3563-71


Cover of Microbiology, Issue 155, Vol 8.
Sleator RD, Watson D, Hill C, Gahan CGM. 2009.

The interaction between Listeria monocytogenes and the gastrointestinal tract. Microbiology. 155(Pt 8):2463-75.1


Cover of Science Progress, Issue 90.
Sleator, R.D. and C. Hill.  2007
Patho-biotechnology; using bad bugs to make good bugs better.  Science Progress.  90:1-14.



Cover of Human Vaccines. Issue 4, Vol. 4.
Sleator RD and C Hill. 2008.
Engineered pharmabiotics with improved therapeutic potential. Human Vaccines. 4(4):271-4.


Cover of BioTechniques, Issue 45, Vol. 4 2008. 
Cover image was chosen from an image competition, which was won by Roy Sleator, APC.  Human pathogen, transmitted in infant formula, that causes life threatening infections.  E. sakazakii contamination in opaque liquids, such as infant formula, can be tracked in real time by transforming E. sakazakii with p16Slux, a vector which allows constitutive luminescent tagging of the pathogen.


Cover of Journal of Infection in Developing Countries, Issue 1.  Sleator, R.D. and C. Hill.  2007.
Probiotics as therapeutic for the developing world.  J. Infect. Develop. Countries. 2007; 1(1):7-12



Cover of Nutrafoods. Issue 7, Vol 2/3.
Sleator RD and C Hill. 2008.

Genetic manipulation to improve Probiotic strains. Nutrafoods 7(2/3):37-42.



Cover of Applied and Environmental Microbiology.
Issue 73(14). Hayes et al
A casein fermentate of Lactobacillus animalis DPC6134 contains a range of novel angiotensin-I-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitory peptides. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 73:4658-4667