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Science Week is a week-long event in Ireland each November, celebrating science in our everyday lives. Science Week includes a wide variety of events involving industry, colleges, schools, libraries, teachers, researchers and students throughout Ireland. Science Week will have a number of regional festivals offering a range of opportunities for the public to engage with STEM in across Ireland.

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Science Week Events at APC Microbiome Ireland


Career talk: Erika Vasiliauskaite (APC) at St Mary’s Midleton. This in partnership with the Cork County Libraries and their STEAM/Work Matters programme. Erika will join researchers from Tyndall (IPIC & Connect) + VistaMilk.

Mon, Tues, Wed:

4 Investigating Immunity workshops – virtually at Cork Education Together Primary School.

• Monday workshop 1: Beth Brint, Andriana Grafakou, Sofia Ruiz-Cruz, Kevin Baker
• Monday workshop 2: Sam Seymour, Beth Brint & Elaine Burns
• Tuesday workshop: Gonzalo Saiz, Gaston Cluzel, Rachel Fitzgerald
• Wednesday workshop: Kiera Healy, Katie Fala, Brendan Shervin, Thieza Melo


Origami Microbe Teller Activity (this is an activity people can print and play at home anytime).

Register your interest with Cork Science Festival to receive a downloadable PDF instruction sheet. 


French Native Scientist workshop – Florence Herisson (lead) + Gaston Cluzel + Sarah Nicolas