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Summer Students 2016 – report from Grace O’Mahony


I was funded by the Health Research Board to conduct research in the APC lab of Ken Nally for 2 months. I found the internship to be an immensely positive experience, as it was my first time working in a research lab. I applied for the placement because I hope to undertake a PhD in the future and was eager to gain an insight into daily life in a research lab. My project involved a comparison of gene expression patterns in different gut disorders and I was aided by researchers based in the lab. I am now much more confident in my abilities, not only in laboratory skills but also for engaging with a range of scientists from whom I can gain invaluable advice. I also gained an appreciation of the importance of biomedical research to further knowledge into the mechanisms and treatment of disease. The experience will certainly influence my future career decisions.

Photo: Shannon Quilty, 4th year Biochemistry, UCC; Grace O’Mahony, 4th year Biomedical Science, UCC & CIT: Dr Ken Nally, School of Biochemistry and Cell Biology & APC Microbiome Institute, University College Cork.